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Ground Cultivation

It is important to prepare your land ready for planting your crop seeds. A field  where weeds are under control, plants are recycled, and it provides suitable soil surface for direct seeding. Despite common knowledge you should try not to ruin the soil structure so using zero tillage or minimum tillage soil disturbance is kept to a minimum.

Typically, the process involves (1) “till” or dig-up, mix to plough through the soil. (2) Harrowing breaks the soil into small mass and plant residue. (3) next level the field:

To enrich the ground and keep weeds under control the best time to prepare your land would be during fall or after harvest. Generally, it will take 3−4 weeks to prepare the field before planting. You need to ensure you have the correct tool for the job:


Wagtail Fertilizers

The wagtail Fertilizer spreaders are for farmers who only have a small capacity fertilizer spreader.

Features Include:

 Optional Hydraulic shut off

Baked at 120 degrees Celsius for longer life.

Spreading widths from 6m to 12m.

Specification (FSW800)

Load Capacity – 800L

Max Height -1.070M

Weight -175K

Disc Spreaders & Mini Muck

1 Cubic yard capacity (MINIMUCK)

The Minimuck is the smallest form of muck spreader that Fleming Agri-Products currently offer. It is perfect for people who need access to small inaccessible places such as stables and byres. It is suitable for small tractors or compact tractors of 30 Hp and above.


  • Small compact muck spreader suitable for smallholders and farmers alike

  • Perfect for compact tractors

  • Cost effective

  • Low Maintenance

  • Suitable for spreading small amounts of muck

  • Suitable for 30HP tractor

  • Built for easy access to stables and byres



  • PTO speed - 540RPM

  • 30HP< small tractors

  • Drum thickness - 3MM

  •  length - 1.5M

  • Width-2.1M

  • Loading height - 1M

  • Unladen weight - 200KG


FarmMaster Rotavator

The Heavy Duty Rotavators construction is extremely sturdy, which is perfect for small to medium sized farms, smallholdings.  It comes in two models, the 1.8m and the 2.1m, they provide tilled bed for future planning.

For longevity the rotavators have a are immersed in oil. have an oil immersed chain drive for long life. The Rotavators have a rugged construction for a long life


Available in 1.8m and 2.1m models for horticulture use

T6 driveshaft with slip clutch mechanism

H.D Gear Drive immersed in an oil bath

6 outwards turning blades per flange

Moveable lift arm brackets so the machine can be semi-offset

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