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25 HP Compact Tractor: Kubota V Kioti

If you have a smallholding and want to get more stuff done with less hassle, and want to enjoy to process of doing work around your property, then you're going to need a dependable compact tractor. While there are many brands of tractors for sale, we will concentrate in this blog on making a comparison between one of the most established brands and another up and coming reputable one (however, you will discover that it's part of a bigger brand with an ln equally strong history), namely Kubota and Kioti.

Do the same people make Kioti and Kubota?

While both types of tractors, certainly if you buy a new model Kubota or Kioti, look very similar - Kubota once attempted to sue Kioti over the fact that their machines were a similar orange colour, which was settled in favour of Kioti after a five-year legal battle - they are entirely different tractors.

That being said, Kioti's parent company, Daedong, did work with Kubota to build the Kubota O2 series tractor, so Kiotis come from excellent stock.

However, when you look at either a brand new Kioti or Kubota tractor today, they are different machines that feature unique parts. To make a comparison, we've decided to select two similar horsepower models from the Kubota and Kioti range, namely the Kubota L2501 and the Kioti CK2610, respectively.

In terms of dimensions, the Kubota L2501 is 110.6 inches, compared to the CS2510 at a shorter 99.3 inches. The width of the CS2510 Kioti tractor is 46.7 inches, compared to the Kubota tractor at 55.1 inches. Overall, the Kubota is a larger tractor, but it isn't any much in terms of power than the CS2510, with them coming in at 24.8 {for the Kubota) and 24.5 horsepower, respectively.

Both machines feature 3-cylinder liquid-cooled engines. Similarly, both devices feature hydrostatic transmission, with an 8-speed gear on the Kubota compared to infinite forward and reversed gears on the Kioti model.

With both machines able to run various tractor implements, let's look at what sort of compact tractor attachments for sale is suitable for tractors of this sort.

What attachments can I use with a 25 horsepower compact tractor?

In reality, compact tractors are only as good as the attachments they run. That being said, any decent 25 HP tractor will be able to suit most of the needs of a smallholder. With tasks such as hedge cutting, preparing the land for seeding, keeping grounds tidy, and even cutting logs for firewood and clearing the driveway of light snow in the winter possible, let's take a look at what's on offer in terms of decent tractor implements.

With hedge cutting season, which runs from March to September in the Uk, over, we won't go into any details about tractor mounted hedge cutters. So, what other attachments are available?

Well, although it's not here yet, and we are having a bit of a heatwave, winter shouldn't be too far away, so let's consider a couple of handy attachments for the winter months.

Firstly, if you're a smallholder, then it's highly likely that you'll have a wood-burning fire. There's nothing quite like sitting in front of a warm fire as the darker nights start to draw in, but did you know that you can chop your wood quickly and enjoyably with a tractor-mounted log splitter? There are plenty of different types and sizes of compact tractor log splitters for sale, such as the 14-ton log glitter for sale by Goliath. Additionally, if you are using wood from your private woods, you might also want to look at a PTO Wood Chipper, such as the WCP100 heavy duty wood chipper for sale by FarmMaster, which can quickly process branches provide you with wood chippings for all sorts of purposes.

Another suitable winter attachment to consider is a road sweeper, such as the FarmMaster SWP120, an ideal power sweeper for dealing with lighter snow and maintaining driveways by keeping them clear in the colder months.

All in all, you can do plenty with a decent 25 HP compact tractor. Whether your choice is Kioti, who do a five-year warranty on all of their new tractors, Kubota, or even another reputable brand like Branson Tractors, you'll have plenty of horsepowers to fit some decent attachments to your machine and have fun throughout the winter and on into next summer.

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