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Differences between ATV and UTV

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

When making a big decision, like, what new off-road vehicle you should buy, it’s important to know all the facts.

Knowing everything about the different makes and models, as well as what other off-road vehicles are out there is essential; and when it comes to quad bikes for sale, there’s not only a lot to consider, but there are also numerous options which can work hand in hand with these too.

At Beckside Machinery we frequently get asked about the differences between ATV and UTV.

For us, it’s a hard choice between the two. Both offer some fantastic benefits, while also comprising some unique features suited directly to them.

Depending on what you’re looking for and what the vehicle is going to be used for will, of course, help to sway your decision.

In this post, we look at what ATV and UTVs are, and some of the different features and benefits both can offer.


When we talk about ATV’s, we’re talking about All-terrain Vehicles – ultimately, quads. Designed for single riders, ATV quad bikes are by far our most popular off-road vehicles.

UTVs on the other hand, refer to Utility Task Vehicles and are much bulkier in size and shape. UTV’s also offer side by side riding or what is sometimes known as SXS for short.

Does size matter?

This depends on what you’re looking for.

For example, ATV is smaller than UTV, which makes them much better for smaller and tight spaces. Also due to their size, ATV’s are excellent for quick turning and fast-paced movements.

However, they can be more physically demanding to ride. This is because to maintain complete control of a quad, you need to straddle the seat, with the steering coming from the movement of the handlebars in front.

As a solo rider, however, quads can be fantastic fun, especially for adrenaline junkies looking for a speedy challenge over different types of terrain.

If you’re looking for safety and the company of others, then UTV’s are your best option. Bigger in size and more comfortable to ride, you can take multiple passengers on board, and with most UTV’s coming with storage space, you can take your gear with you whenever you need it.

All about the money?

Stock ATV for sale tends to be less expensive than UTV’s. Primarily because most UTV for sale considers the additional costs that are associated with the vehicle. Things like roll cages, seat belts, windscreens, etc.,all add to the overall price tag, but all offer you those little extras that you may require.

It’s important to note that both an ATV and UTV can be customised and their performance can be modified and enhanced to suit your specific requirements. (At Beckside Machinery we also offer parts and service for all ATV and UTV models).

Most importantly, when pricing your new off-road vehicle of choice, it’s essential to add into your budget the safety gear and equipment you will need. For all, not a legal requirement, the safety gear you need and what you should have before riding, shouldn’t be underestimated.

Quick Fire Features and Benefits


  • Can offer you solo riding at high speeds, with nimble manoeuvres

  • Cost-effective option

  • Has handlebar steering so is leaner when manoeuvring through a variety of terrain conditions

  • Tyres are kept at low pressure and are sized appropriately for the rider

  • Most come with a thumb throttle or a twist handlebar allowing the rider to control the acceleration

  • Brakes are found in the foot pedals or handlebars – depending on the make and model of ATV

  • Safety equipment does not come as standard so safety gear should be worn as a compromise

  • No cab, all open

  • Ultimately used for a quick means of transportation over rough ground


  • Provide much more functionality

  • Can safely seat and transport more people

  • Used more for work than recreational purposes

  • Large, powerful and robust

  • Can be used to haul equipment

  • Have a standard wheelbase like cars and handle like a car too as it is steered using a steering wheel

  • Faster than an ATV but not as agile (speeds can range between 25-50mph)

  • Foot pedals control · Braking and acceleration

  • Seatbelts come as standard, and you can also add windshields, roll bars, and in some cases fully enclosed cabins

  • Mainly used on farms, horticultural and forestry work

  • More expensive but much more helpful and practical

This is your decision. 

It can be about having fun and staying safe or having fun while working and letting the vehicle do the heavy hauling!

The team at Beckside Machinery can provide you with a range of options when it comes to quad bikes for sale, both new and used. We’re also on hand to answer any questions and

help you find the right ATV or UTV to meet your requirements.

Call 01673 828 965

Reference Video: Atv Portal

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