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Different Types of Log Splitters

A log splitter is a very useful tool for anyone who burns wood on a regular basis. They are pieces of equipment that are used for splitting firewood that has been cut into sections. It has many advantages over other kinds of firewood splitting equipment. This is a very useful piece of equipment that is capable of chopping firewood with ease.

For people who want to get their job done quickly, electric log splitters are a good option. Furthermore, using a log splitter ensures your safety because you don't have to worry about cutting wood into smaller pieces with an axe or a blade. You can also opt for a more environmentally friendly way to keep your house warm by having this handy tool at hand. You can heat your home without using gas if you have a log splitter. If you have a log splitter, you will reduce the number of exhaust gases that are released into the air.

Do you plan on investing in a log splitter in the near future? In this , we outline the types of log splitters you need to know about:

Using a manual log splitter

It is important to remember that log splitters of this type are lightweight and easy to store. This machine comes with a choice between either foot-activated models or hand-activated models, so you can choose the one that suits you best. In addition, some manual log splitters are operated by hydraulics, whereas others rely on their own strength or weight. However, despite the fact that a manual log splitter does require more effort, it is still more convenient than swinging an axe around. For those who occasionally burn wood and do not want to pay an additional fee for an electrical model, this type of log splitter is a good option.

Log splitter powered by electricity

Most log splitters on the market are electric and are suitable for most situations. As a general rule, both electric and gas log splitters work on the same principles. In terms of the fundamental difference between the two, the main difference is that the hydraulics here use a motor that is powered by electricity rather than a petrol engine. Due to the compact size of the electric models, they are lighter and easier to move. On a bench, a stand, or even at ground level, you can set up the machine.

When you are using a log splitter in the backyard, there are some safety measures you should follow It is one of the biggest advantages of using an electric log splitter that you can use the machine indoors, outdoors or just about anywhere where you can find a standard electric outlet. Furthermore, this model requires less maintenance because it doesn't need fluids to be changed and it doesn't need a petrol engine to be maintained.

Petrol Log Splitters

The most powerful log splitters are petrol log splitters, and they are used for a variety of heavy-duty tasks. With the petrol log splitters for sale, you can split larger logs of wood. Unlike, electric models you don't need electricity, but because of the exhausts they create, they can't be used indoors. In addition to having the most powerful design of all the splitters, petrol splitters also have the most horsepower. Unfortunately, the downside is that these machines require regular maintenance, just like any other piece of equipment that is powered by a petrol engine. On a regular basis, this should include the replacement of spark plugs, oil changes, fuel additions, and spark plug replacements. The gas log splitters are suitable for all kinds of situations and are ideally suited to all kinds of users, but they are especially recommended for people who are planning to chop wood on a regular basis. Click here to view petrol log splitters for sale UK.

Tractor Mounted Wood Splitter

In addition to the above, there are various options of tractor log splitter. These are all variations on a PTO log splitter that run from the compact tractors PTO shaft. Due to the power coming from the compact tractor, a PTO splitter can have a very high splitting force. They are viable alternatives to the above petrol models. Click here to view tractor mounted log splitters.

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