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Goliath Hydraulic Log Splitters

What is the purpose of a log splitter?

A log splitter is used to cut softwood and hardwood logs into round segments for use as firewood or logs.

What is the Function of a Hydraulic Log Splitter?

Log splitters use directional valves to route the hydraulic liquid from a pump to the end of a hydraulic cylinder, which is controlled by the person operating the splitter. Hydraulic oil functions primarily to create a high-pressure stream of oil that races toward the valve. By activating this valve, the user can push the log to the blade using a hydraulic cylinder.

In a tank, hydraulic oil is stored, which is then fed to the pump. A filter ensures that the oil is clean when it returns to the tank. Both front and back pressure can be applied to the piston by the valve. Spool valves are so named because they resemble a spool of thread.

Among the best log splitter brands available in the UK is Goliath. Among the Goliath log splitter models are petrol-driven log splitters and tractor-mounted log splitters. Additionally, Goliath offers a heavy-duty tractor wood chipper. Please contact Beckside Machinery for more information about Goliath log splitters for sale UK.

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