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How ATV Beadlock wheels actually work

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

ATV Beadlock wheels are known for offering the “best of both worlds.”

Offering riders maximum traction due to low air pressure, while reducing the risk of tyres coming off at the rim!

How ATV Beadlock wheels actually work

Beadlocks have been around in racing circles for years; however, ATV Beadlock wheels are still relatively new.

In this post, we explore just what an ATV Beadlock wheel is and the benefits of these on ATVs.

What is Beadlock?

Ultimately quads and ATVs with beadlock wheels means you can run on very low air pressure without having to worry about your tyre dismounting from the wheel.

Beadlocks ensure this as the tyre bead is clamped between the outer and the inner beadlock rings.

How a Beadlock works

Quite simply, a beadlock clamps the outer bead of the tyre to the wheel.

Racers and trail riders rely on beadlocks to prevent tyres from rolling off the bead, especially when taking sharp and hard corners.

Beadlocks also help with punctures, as they can stop your tyre from dismounting itself if, after a puncture, you continue to drive.

If you require that little extra insurance on your ride, double beadlocks are also available.

Note: It’s recommended that heavier UTVs make use of beadlock wheels, as these vehicles do suffer from more flats.

On sport quads, beadlocks are typically found on the rear end as this is where the weight transfer is greater, so the need for lower tyre pressure is more prevalent.

When it comes to ATV Beadlock wheels, you have options

As beadlocks grow in popularity, so does their style and design.

If you’re looking to add a little style with your quad, while maintaining great functionality, you now have the choice of a wide range of beading colours.

Mud plugs are also increasing in popularity for four wheeler beadlock wheels, helping to prevent mud from building up and collecting inside the wheel. Mud plugs can be essential in ensuring that the build-up of mud does not adversely affect handling.

There are two types of mud plus available, foam insert and bolt-on.

Bolt-on is the most preferred as mud can sometimes still force its way through foam inserts.

There are also two types of beadlocks:

Those who are fitted to the outside only

Those that feature locking rings on both the outside and the inside of the wheel

Beadlock wheels also range in size, from 10”-16”, however, 14” is the most common, and for quad racing, smaller size wheels and tyres are preferred for speed.

The importance of beadlocks on used quad bikes

When you’re taking your ATV out for a bit of fun, a tyre debeading from the rim can soon put a quick stop to everything.

Ordinary wheels rely on tyre pressure to keep the tyre firmly on the rim, however, when churning up the mud, trust us, you’re going to need all the traction you can get!

Dropping the pressure in your tyres will improve the traction; however, it also increases the risk of de-beading.

The solution?

Beadlock wheels.

Placing the bead between the inner ring that is welded to the rim and an outer clamp ring. Beadlock wheels will let you ride comfortably and safely with lower tyre pressure while providing you with much better traction.

Benefits of beadlocks

  • Beadlocks offer durability while holding strength.

  • They are great for off-roading, where you have the benefits of a deflated tyre without running the risk of it dismounting from the wheel. Creating much better traction so you can take on even the muddiest of rides.

  • Beadlock tyres also lessen the chances of punctures.

  • Beadlock wheels are more comfortable when riding in rough terrain, as tyres act like balloons as they manoeuvre over bumpy ground.

  • They’re great for quad racing – keeping the tyre in place when landing those big jumps.

  • Ideal for drag racing, where they are used to prevent the tyre from spinning on the wheel when you’re using the clutch and accelerating at speed.

  • They can be aesthetically pleasing and add a little extra to your already polished quad!

However, beadlocks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and it's essential to bear in mind that beadlocks can be:

  • Expensive – beadlocks are more costly than ordinary rims – 1 ½ - 2 times more expensive, in fact.

  • They weigh more than conventional rims – this can affect acceleration, deceleration, and handling.

  • Beadlocks also require a little more maintenance than conventional rims, for them to continue providing all of the benefits mentioned above!

Remember, it's your responsibility to ensure that all bolts are properly tightened, and each wheel should be checked before every ride.

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