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How Does a Power Harrow Work?

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Tilling and preparing land for farming or landscaping is a crucial step in the agricultural process. Over the years, multiple tools have been designed to accomplish this task, ranging from traditional hand-held devices to sophisticated machinery. Among these, the power harrow has emerged as a popular choice, especially when attached to tractors. But how does a power harrow work? Let’s delve into the intricacies of this piece of equipment.

Basics of a Power Harrow

At a glance, a power harrow might look somewhat similar to a traditional disc harrow. Both are designed to till and refine the soil, breaking up clods and creating a fine tilth suitable for sowing seeds. However, while a disc harrow cuts, turns, and partly buries organic matter (like crop residues), a power harrow operates somewhat differently. It has vertically rotating blades (often termed as tines) that stir and level the ground without flipping it. This ensures a more uniform and consistent tilling.

The Role of the Tractor

A tractor harrow combination is often the preferred choice for many farmers. This is primarily because tractors offer the necessary power and maneuverability required to drive these tools efficiently. In the case of a power harrow, the tractor provides the required force via its power take-off (PTO) shaft, making it aptly named a PTO power harrow. This ensures that the tines of the harrow rotate at the right speed and with the necessary force to break down even the most compacted soils.

Working Mechanism of the PTO Power Harrow

The PTO harrow mechanism revolves around the transfer of power from the tractor's engine to the harrow's rotating blades. Once connected, the tractor's PTO shaft rotates, transferring power to the harrow's gearbox. From here, the power is distributed to multiple rotor shafts on which the tines are mounted. As the shafts rotate, the tines stir the soil, breaking up clods and leveling the field.

Compact Tractor Harrow: An Efficient Solution for Smaller Plots

The power harrow's popularity is not limited to large, commercial-scale farming. Even those with smaller plots of land can benefit from the efficiency of this equipment. This is where the power harrow for compact tractor comes into play. Designed to be lighter and more maneuverable, these harrows are perfect for areas that might be difficult to access with larger machinery.

Moreover, a compact tractor harrow doesn't compromise on performance. While its size might be reduced, its efficiency in refining and preparing the soil remains consistent. This makes it an excellent choice for hobby farmers or those with limited acreage.

The FarmMaster Power Harrows are an excellent choice for small farm owners and those who manage vineyards, orchards, and greenhouses. They are specifically designed for preparing seedbeds and soils, with a special focus on soil aeration. Their vertical rotating cutters prevent soil compaction, ensuring the best preparation for your seedbeds. The working depth can be easily adjusted to suit the ground state, and the shear bolt PTO and friction clutch provide additional safety and protection. Available in three models (PH-90, PH-110, and PH-130), these power harrows are compatible with 20-80HP compact tractors and come with a single-speed cast-iron gearbox, two "U" fashioned blades per rotor, and a universal 3-point hitch. With their heat-treated and ultra-hardened blade holder, these power harrows are built to last. Choose FarmMaster Power Harrows for efficient and reliable soil preparation.

Advantages of Using a Tractor Power Harrow

Using a tractor power harrow brings with it a slew of benefits:

1. Consistency: One of the most significant advantages of using a power harrow is the consistent and uniform soil it produces. Unlike other tilling methods that may turn and flip the soil unevenly, a power harrow ensures a smooth, even tilth.

2. Reduced Soil Erosion: Since the power harrow doesn’t invert the soil, it maintains the existing soil structure, thus minimizing the risk of soil erosion. This is crucial in areas prone to heavy rains or wind.

3. Weed Control: As the power harrow breaks the soil and levels it, it can bury small weeds, thereby limiting their growth and spread.

4. Versatility: Whether you're using a standard tractor or a compact one, there's a power harrow designed to fit your needs. This versatility ensures that both large-scale farmers and hobbyists can benefit from the tool.


The power harrow, with its unique design and functionality, has become an essential tool for many in the agricultural sector. Whether you're working with a large tractor on expansive fields or a compact tractor in smaller plots, the tractor power harrow combination ensures that the ground is well-prepared for planting. Understanding the working mechanism of the PTO harrow and the advantages it brings can help farmers make informed decisions regarding their tilling and planting processes. As agriculture continues to evolve, tools like the power harrow play a pivotal role in ensuring efficiency and consistency in food production.

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