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FarmMaster Power Harrows: The Ultimate Solution for Perfect Seed Bed Preparation

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient solution to prepare your soil for planting, then FarmMaster Power Harrows are the perfect choice for you. These powerful machines are designed to turn, break, refine and distribute soil evenly over the entire working width, creating a perfect seed bed that will ensure optimal plant growth and yield.

At Beckside Machinery, we offer a wide range of FarmMaster Power Harrows that are suitable for different types of farming applications. Whether you have a small garden or a large farm, we have the right machine that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Our selection of FarmMaster Power Harrows includes:

The PH-90 Compact Tractor Power Harrow is one of our best-selling models. It features rotary harrow tines that are made of one-piece forged construction, ensuring maximum durability and performance. This machine is ideal for small to medium-sized farms and can be easily attached to compact tractors.

The PH-110 Compact Tractor Power Harrow is another popular model in our collection. It has a working width of 1.1 meters and can be used with tractors with up to 25-80 horsepower. This machine is perfect for preparing seed beds in vineyards, orchards, and other small-scale farming operations.

The PH-170 Compact Tractor Power Harrow is designed for larger farms and more demanding applications. It has a working width of 1.7 meters and can be used with tractors over 20 horsepower. This machine is ideal for preparing seed beds in fields, meadows, and other large-scale farming operations.


All FarmMaster Power Harrows come with a range of features that make them stand out from other machines on the market. Some of these features include:

Heavy-duty construction

FarmMaster Power Harrows are built to last. They feature heavy-duty frames that can withstand the toughest farming conditions.

Adjustable depth control

With adjustable depth control settings, you can easily adjust the depth at which the harrow tines work depending on the type of soil you are working with.

Easy maintenance

FarmMaster Power Harrows require minimal maintenance thanks to their simple design and high-quality components.


Investing in a FarmMaster Power Harrow comes with numerous benefits that will help improve your farming operations and increase your yields. Some of these benefits include:

Improved soil structure

By breaking up clumps of soil and distributing it evenly across the seed bed, FarmMaster Power Harrows help improve soil structure which leads to better water retention, nutrient uptake by plants, and overall plant health.


Using a power harrow saves time compared to traditional methods such as plowing or tilling by hand or using animal-drawn equipment.

Increased yields

A well-prepared seed bed leads to better plant growth which translates into higher yields at harvest time.


In conclusion, if you want to achieve optimal plant growth and yield on your farm or garden, investing in a FarmMaster Power Harrow is an excellent decision. With their heavy-duty construction, adjustable depth control settings, easy maintenance requirements, improved soil structure benefits as well as time-saving attributes; these machines will help take your farming operations to new heights!

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