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How much does a compact tractor weigh?

Some of the highest quality compact tractors for sale in the UK marketplace are produced by Kioti and Branson Tractors. Other popular brands include Kubota, John Deere and Massey Ferguson. When choosing a good standard farm tractor, you should consider the weight. Tractor weights affect its load capacity. This would give us an additional amount of power when needed.

The first thing you need to consider when you want to know how much does a compact tractor weight is how many acres of land you have.

In general, sub-compact tractors have 20-25 horsepower and are suitable for 1-3 acres of land. Tractors for sale like these typically have a base weight of 1400-1600 lbs. For example, a 21-horsepower Kioti tractor weighs 710kg (1565 pounds), while a 25-horsepower compact tractor from Branson weighs 743kg (1638lbs). The Kioti CS Series has a hydrostatic transmission with two-speed ranges (Hi/Lo) allows you to accomplish a wide variety of tasks quickly and efficiently. Single levers can engage the rear and mid PTOs together or separately. By using a simple lever, you can also adjust the cutting height of the mid-mount mower. A Branson 2505H tractor will meet the needs of any hobby farmer or weekend warrior. The 25hp sub-compact tractor can be made more versatile by adding a front-end loader and a mid-mount mower.

Subcompacts are followed by small frame compacts like the KIOTI CS2620 and the Branson 2505H. Subcompacts are smaller, lighter, and less capable than small frame compacts. There are typically 24-30 horsepower tractors in this category, four-wheel drive, and weigh 1,600 to 2,200 pounds (tractor only). The pivot pins of most small frame compacts can lift 1,000-1,200 pounds and handle tractor implements up to 4-5'. The Branson 250H compact tractor weighs 1610lbs, whereas the Kioti CK2510 tractor comes in at a weight of 1576lbs with ROPS.

You'd be better off looking at a mid-sized compact utility tractor if you have five to fifteen acres. They have 25-40 horsepower, larger tires, and higher lift capacities than their smaller framed counterparts. The engines in models with more than 25 horsepower are Tier 4 electronic diesel engines; the engines in models with less than 25 horsepower are mechanical. This class of tractor can use 5-6' compact tractor attachments, have a loader lift capacity between 1,600 and 2,200 pounds, and weigh between 2,200 and 2,800 pounds. Good choices in this category are the Kioti CK30 range. The Kioti CK30 series is a popular choice for a wide variety of users and customers thanks to its 25 to 50 HP, mechanical and 3-range twin pedal HST, open platform ROPS and factory air-conditioned cabin options. With the chassis and wheel track, the rear lift of 2270lbs can be handled perfectly, as can the optional self-levelling front loader supplied with a standard bucket.

A full-sized compact model can cover 10 acres or more. The highly powered horsepower ranges from 40-60. The weight of the tractor alone is 3,300-4,400 pounds. In terms of size, full-sized compacts vary greatly from one manufacturer to another. These full-size compact tractors weigh close to 4,000 pounds and have between 40 and 60 horsepower. With the loader, you can lift more than 2,000 pounds. With a full-size compact, you can easily handle hay equipment and implements up to 6-7' in length. Air-conditioned factory-enclosed cabs are available. Full-size compact tractors include the KIOTI DK10 series, which have great hydraulic systems.

With this new range, Kioti's Compact tractor line is complete. For equestrians, hobby farmers, and professionals in agriculture, local authorities, and sports turf, the DK20 series is a top choice and practical solution. Models weigh from 45 to 60HP with HST or mechanical transmissions. Either a spacious open platform ROPS or an equally spacious and easy-access factory cabin with air conditioning is available. With 1717 lift capacity at the link arm ends, you can lift the farm equipment you need. With an optional self-levelling front loader, the tractor is truly versatile. Also suitable is the Branson F Series. All-wheel drive convenience and useful levels of power are combined in the F-Series. Standard equipment includes telescoping and adjustable hitch stabilizers. The rear hitch lift capacity is unmatched at 1,500kg, so there is no need to worry about lifting power. Plus, there's the John Deere 5075E which is a 55-horsepower tractor for sale that weighs 4630lbs.

In addition to compact tractors, there are bigger commercial tractors with 75 hp or more. Nevertheless, the above information should be sufficient to give you an idea of the weight of compact tractors for sale in the UK. You can read these articles if you're not sure what is a compact tractor or for more advice or to help you answer the question of what size of tractor do I need?

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