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What is a compact tractor?

Since we've covered topics such as what is the use of a compact tractor in previous blogs, in this article, we will go right to the basic question, "What is a compact tractor?" A compact utility tractor is usually defined as a small agricultural tractor that comes with:

  • A 540 RPM power take-off (PTO) essential for the working of tractor implements, such as a PTO backhoe attachment.

  • A three-point hitch, capable of towing a wide range of PTO driven compact tractor attachments, such as a flail mower, rotavator, or power harrow.

In addition, these tractors typically has an overall weight of less than 4000lbs and use less than 40 PTO to power various attachments.

Now that you have a rough definition of a compact tractor, let's take a look at some of the best tractors in this category on the UK market.

Kioti Tractors

Kioti UK imports the excellent Kioti Tractors, which is the tradename for Daedong in Europe. Daedong tractors are renowned for their quality and durability, so much so that they build some JCB, McCormick and New Holland tractors.

A popular choice for those with smallholdings is the CS series, which includes two models; the 22 HP CS2210 and the 25 HP CS2510. These superior tractors rival another popular 'orange tractor', Kubota, in build quality, yet they are better value for money. With a 5-year warranty for both commercial and private use, Kioti put their money where their mouth is in terms of customer support and confidence in their products. Beckside Machinery was recently awarded the UK's number one Kioti dealer by Kioti UK. The price for a CS2210 and CS2610 is £9,995 and £10,495, respectively.

Branson Tractors

Another great tractor for sale in the UK is Branson Tractors. Similar to Kioti, these tractors offer solid build quality and brilliant performance with a sleek looking modern design. These tractor also have a superior pedigree as the parent company of Branson is Kukje Machinery, who have manufactured some John Deere tractors since 1987.

The Branson 2500 LH is a very good 25 HP compact tractor for sale, including hydrostatic steering, a 2 speed rear, and 1-speed mid PTOs fitted as standard. The price for a Branson 2500 LH is £10,495 plus VAT.

Used compact tractors

If you're want to save some pennies, then you could opt to purchase a second-hand tractor. As Kioti and Branson are relatively new in the UK market, there aren't many second-hand ones floating around. However, decent brands such as Kubota, John Deere compact models, Iseki, New Holland and Massey Ferguson typically make up much of the used compact tractor market. Our tip is to make sure that you buy from a recognised second-hand tractor dealer. Usually, suppose they have dealerships with reputable brands to sell their new tractors. In that case, it may help you buy with confidence and ensure that their used tractors are fully serviced and have a warranty before proceeding.

Tractor implements

The main thing that you want to consider when thinking about buying a new tractor is what you are going to be using it for. We have covered the various tractor attachments and their uses in a previous blog. However, to sumarise, you can do all sorts of things such as:

  • Digging with a backhoe attachment.

  • Carrying stuff off the ground over your property, scooping up large piles of muck, etc., with a tractor front loader.

  • Preparing the land with attachments such as flail mowers, rotavators, and power harrows, etc.

  • Keeping gardens and pathways tidy with a tractor sweeper collector. They are also excellent for snow removal.

  • Hedge cutting; there are numerous sorts of tractor hedge cutters depending on the hight and finsish that you require.

  • And so on.

Remember to spend a while considering what implements you want to get straight off the bat, as some excellent tractor package deals include combinations of the most popular compact tractor attachments for sale. You will likely save a lot of time and money if you purchase the items as a package. Companies like Beckside Machinery offer customised package deals to suit your requirements.