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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

In our experience, we hear a lot of new potential customers ask the following questions: What size tractor do I need for my five-acre or ten-acre property? There are many things to consider to choosing the tractor that best fits your needs. You should certainly take into consideration the size and layout of your property, but you should also consider other factors, such as the jobs you need to complete. During this article, we will consider equipment for residential as well as small to midsize farms, with suggestions based on the size of the properties.

Having 5 acres and doing light undertakings

Unless you have a property that is much larger than 5 acres, a sub-compact tractor such as the Branson Tractors 05 Series or the Kioti Tractors CS Range will be sufficient for gardening and light landscaping work if you live on a property of this size. While there are different sizes of tractors available, this tractor is the smallest and designed to fit in any garage. Due to their highly manoeuvrable design, they are also the most affordable of the set as well as the most effective at cutting grass. In this way, you will be able to easily navigate around gates, flower beds, and other obstacles. Generally speaking, you can look for equipment that produces horsepower in the range of low to mid-20s, which will allow you to handle light implements and attachments and therefore job as well.

If you manage 10 acres and do moderate work

When mowing 10 acres and handling moderate jobs, a compact tractor that has between 30-60 horsepower will be a good fit (In case you're wondering what is a compact tractor, you can read more about it here). The Branson Tractors F Series, the Branson 25 Series, the Kioti Tractors CK series and Kioti DK Series all fit this bill nicely. By adding more horsepower and torque to the engine, you are able to deliver more power to larger and heavier compact tractor attachments, such as flail mowers from the FARMMASTER-PRO range. In spite of this, it is worth noting that these machines are still not intended for larger crop operations. The good news is that you can expect to move earth and other materials as long as the task fits within your weight limit, handle bigger landscaping jobs, level your drive, and many other tasks like hay management, as long as your weight limit allows. Additionally, compact tractors can cover a lot more area during mowing since they are designed to work with bigger deck sizes; some are even designed to handle rougher cutting with pull-behind equipment, such as compact tractor rotavators. Despite their relatively small size, they are able to lift a great deal of weight, but they are also easier to handle due to their small stature. It is because of this feature that this type of equipment is capable of handling interior jobs, such as delivering hay to stalls, for example. The ways in which you can accomplish job as quickly as possible, the type of job you can do and how much of it you can handle at one time will be determined by several key specs such as horsepower, operating and loader raise capacities, among several others.

In the case of 20 acres, the tractor must do heavy-duty work.

If you are looking for a tractor that will help you pull, lift and push your way through heavy-duty tasks, then you need a utility tractor. In terms of power, mid-sized tractors offer 50 plus horsepower, such as the Kioti DK, Branson 25 and Branson K series. The greater size of these tractors, as well as their ability to handle weight and horsepower, gives them the capability of dealing with larger acreage and more demanding tasks than small tractors from the compact category. The advantage of this is that it also allows for better stability when dealing with heavier tasks. You can also reduce the amount of time you spend doing a great many activities with more power. In general, you can anticipate using this device for anything from mowing many acres of tall grass, to handling all-season crop work, to taking care of livestock job, among many other things. We have a wide variety of tractors for sale that you can view here.

Would you like to know more about how to choose a tractor size? At Beckside Machinery, our team of specialists has a great deal of experience in helping homeowners, farmers, and landscape professionals and are always on hand to answer questions and offer guidance.

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