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branson tractors

25 series

  • Powered by eco friendly genuine Branson Engine for longer life and improved heat dissipation.

  • 2 speed independent PTO is standard equipment, which allows operator to switch to approx. 584 or 791 RPM, to operate implements more efficiently and with greater fuel efficiency.

  • Complete with two hydraulic pumps : One for the hydrostatic steering and one for the rest of the hydraulics which means there is sufficient pressure in the line for all functions ensuring safer controlled steering and smooth, powerful bucket operation.

  • Hydro Transmission with cruise control has 3 ranges in variable speed by foot control to free hands for simple loader operation, even for inexperienced operators.


25 series Branson Tractors

25 Series premium Branson Tractors will provide all of the power that you need from a compact tractor of this size, as they have a 1500kg rear hitch lift capacity. Compact tractor attachments such as flail mowers, power harrows, tractor rotavators, compact tractor hedge cutters, and the like, are run from the PTO, these small tractors have a two-speed independent PTO that allows you to switch between 584 and 1088 RPM.

This mini tractor comes with two separate hydraulic pumps, one for the steering, and another for the rest of the hydraulics. This means that the hydraulic steering remains smooth, even when operating things like a front loader or a 4 in 1 bucket. Therefore, this is the perfect compact tractor for sale if you want to use it as a front loader tractor. We also do bespoke Branson Tractor package deals, so please contact us on 01673 828965 as we can fit a compact tractor loader and many other tractor implements at a significant saving if you purchase them as part of a compact tractor package deal.

These tractors for sale also also come with clutch locks fitted as standard, which means that if the tractor isn't operational for an extended period, then the clutch lock, which lock out the clutch discs, prevent the clutch from sticking, even if you've not used it for a while.

Beckside Machinery are official Branson Tractor dealers, UK delivery available.

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