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How the integration between TYM Tractors and Branson (Kukje Machinery) benefits you

Your local tractor dealer, trade shows, and even the farmer has all shown them off to you. The TYM and Branson tractors you're about to experience will blow you away. Introducing TYM Tractors UK...

Beginning in July 2022, both TYM and Branson tractors will become part of the TYM brand. Although labels may change, TYM and Branson (Kukje Machinery) remain committed to innovation and outstanding service. Our consumers will be able to choose from a wider selection of products, receive expert services, and receive unified support as a result of this integration. Find out what this means for your compact tractor and what it means for you.

We have been building a relationship for a long time

Over the past several decades, Branson (Kukje Machinery) and TYM have been global agricultural leaders. Despite the fact that the two brands are now fully integrated, this union dates back to 2016. Currently, we are consolidating the brands, corporate functions, and internal resources. Our goal is to strengthen our commitment to innovation and service for UK compact tractors for sale through this integration.

There will be no changes to the tractors for sale you love

As a result of the integration of TYM and Branson, the pricing structure will remain the same. It is essential to note that even though the two brands have consolidated under one TYM, the parts for the two brands cannot be interchanged. At the moment, Branson parts are compatible with Branson tractors UK, and TYM parts are compatible with TYM tractors. The two product lines may integrate more in the future, as a result.

Customer service and support are excellent

The integration will allow us to provide you with even better service and a wider selection of products. The service and warranty for equipment you already own will remain the same, as will its processes, if you need support. We will fulfill any outstanding orders or service requests as scheduled. You can get additional support from your usual Branson dealer or distributor. All TYM dealerships will soon be able to sell and service Branson tractors. It won't be a big change right now, but we can look forward to it in the future.

By expanding their portfolio under the integrated TYM brand, dealers will also be able to offer customers more products as Branson dealerships become TYM dealerships. It is our unwavering commitment to you that will remain constant as we consolidate brands.

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