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potential Different mechanisms on a tractor hedge cutter

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The different mechanisms described for the tractor hedge trimmer, including in special the solenoid valves which launch the hydraulic cylinders, are inducted by commands located within reach of the compact tractor driver when the latter is seated in his place; all these commands are of course possible manually, but, also, some are provided with an automatic system.

First automation is a control mechanism making it possible to have the verticality of the mast as the Branson tractors advance, whatever the probable slope of the ground; commercially possible there is a device named an electronic pendulum which is joined to a potentiometer and contained in a sealed box, which, once accurately calibrated, gives in electrical form information which interprets the inclination relevant to the horizontal of the Kioti tractors on which it is attached.

Another automated guiding device has been employed to automatically control the height adjustment of the horizontal blade by means of the jack; admittedly, there are also commercially accessible laser beam emitters that can be located at the conclusion of the hedge to be trimmed and at the wanted height, the laser emission being collected by a receiver located on the compact tractor attachments, here the small tractor mounted hedge trimmer, this receiver producing an electrical signal showing its position related to the plane determined by the laser beam, the electrical sign obviously being used to appropriately control the solenoid device which itself controls the jack; the laser beam antenna and receiver are, thus, by using compact tractor implements which is commercially available and externally significant difficulty, at least for those experienced in the art, it is possible to get automatic supervision of the height of the cutting blade so as to achieve a hedge cut which follows the laser beam flawlessly; thus the cut is no greater subject to irregularities in the ground on which the used Kubota tractor for sale travels.

Thus, with the tractor hedge cutter according to the compact tractors attachments for sale, as described and implemented with various commercially available devices, it has been pleasant to trim hedges very properly in a single pass; solely for information, a compact tractor hedge cutter was created with a 25 CV compact tractor with a cutting diameter of up to 1.40 m and a cutting height of up to 1.80 m; the side offset was 0.30 m, the potential displacement of the upright cutter bar was 0.60 m, and the possible movement of the horizontal cutter bar was 1 m; while the oil tank was 60 liters and the hydraulic side shift flail unit located at the rear of the small tractor was driven by a power take-off at 540 rpm. Depending on the kind of plants, the forward speed of the compact tractor was between 1 and 3 km/hour.

Beckside Machinery has many innovative compact tractor hedge cutters for sale from reputable brands such as Wessex Machinery and Farm Master.

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