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Quality Satisfaction Index Ranked Daedong Compact Tractor No.1 for Two Consecutive Years

  • In 2004, KSA began evaluating quality and satisfaction among consumers and experts

  • In 2021-22, Daedong, who manufacture Kioti Tractors, ranked first for its quality excellence in the Quality Satisfaction Index

  • Through pre-inspection, the 'Smart factory' enhanced quality, and the 'Connect' service improved performance.

As part of the '2022 Korea Quality Satisfaction Index' organized by KSA for the second consecutive year, Daedong (CEO Joon-Sik Kim, Yu-hyeon Won) ranked first in the tractors for sale category for the second time in a row.

As part of a quality evaluation model developed jointly with KSA in 2004, the Korea Quality Satisfaction Index measures quality excellence and satisfaction by consumers and experts. Consumers and experts evaluated 108 products and 357 companies based on their real user experience this year using two categories: 'user experience,' which examines performance, reliability, durability, usability, safety, and accessibility, and 'affective quality,' which takes into account brand image, cognition, and novelty. Two years in a row, Daedong ranked first in the tractor category.

Daedong has been providing its customers with unparalleled products and services since 1968 when it introduced compact tractors for sale on the domestic market. For this purpose, Daedong introduced the concept of a 'smart factory' to factories in Daegu earlier this year, which monitors real-time production, and ensures that the final compact, sub-compact and small tractors are thoroughly inspected before shipment. Additionally, in 2020, Daedong will expand the use of its remote management service, dubbed 'Connect,' to mid-sized tractors for sale from large-sized tractors, advancing the 'smartization of agricultural machinery'. Consequently, customers can save time, boost performance, and prolong the life of their equipment through regular maintenance, such as changing parts, which prevents possible breakdowns.

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