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Tractor hedge cutter to be fixed onto compact tractors

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The existing compact tractor attachments relate to a tractor hedge trimmer to be fixed sideways on a compact tractors, the horsepower of which is used for running the cutting blade, the cutting being carried out as the tractor drives. along the hedge. Such devices are today well known, even to the common public, because they are regularly used for the preservation of long hedges both on the roadsides and in public green spaces.

In tradition, this type of small tractor mounted hedge trimmer is very comparable to the traditional mowers whose cutting blade worked close to the ground to mow grass; this sort of machine is therefore very fitting for cuts where no particular regularity is asked, on the other hand, they are limited in suitability for the area of hedges for which an excellent visual appearance is beneficial, as for example in landscaped green areas. In addition, to trim a hedge vertically then horizontally, that is to say sideways then on top, with a device similar to a known mower, it is important to make two passes.

The present design aims to remedy these shortcomings by proposing a tractor mounted hedge cutter intended to obtain a regular size and to concurrently cut the side and the top of a hedge to bypass having to make two passes.

According to the present design, a tractor hedge cutter for sale of the type described above is particularly unusual in that it comprises a secondary cutting blade, the two blades being systematised, one vertically and the other horizontally, perpendicularly 1 to the other and both movable in height along a vertical post, this vertical mast being connected at its base and equipped with an automatic articulation controller device to maintain the verticality of the upright mast as and compact tractors for sale advance measurement. Thus because of the appearance of a second cutting blade ordered perpendicular to the first it is now conceivable to cut two perpendicular faces of the same hedge simultaneously; in addition, the appearance of an automatic verticality control design means that the tractor driver no longer has to bother about moving his tractor in the right way by following the hedge to be clipped, the verticality of the slice, as well that its horizontality, being automatically guaranteed elsewhere.

Advantageously, the height change of a blade along the vertical column is independent of the change of the other blade; besides, an automatic laser beam supervision device can be implemented to automatically guide at least the elevation adjustment of the horizontal blade as the tractor progresses; therefore whatever the irregularities of the territory on which the Kubota tractor advances, in particular inconsistencies with respect to the coveted contour of the hedge to be trimmed, a pleasing trimmed hedge contour will always be achieved due to the automatic arrangements provided in accordance with the design.

Advantageously, the cutting edge of the compact tractor hedge cutter for sale, that is to say the inclination of the teeth, of each blade, is movable to adapt to the diversity of shrubs which compose the hedge; we know that depending on the quality of the shrubs, the size of the parts, can also be the nature of sharpening of the cutting blades, the components of the cut received can be different, and it ought to be possible to change the cutting angle depending on the wanted result.

Rather, the horizontally designed cutting blade of the hedge cutter attachment for tractor models, such as Branson Tractors or Kioti Tractors, is provided with a design which allows it to be collapsed backwards in an accommodation position; thus when the tractor is running on the road or more simply among its storage shed and a hedge to be cut, its size is diminished and its movements are less risky.

Optionally, the various adjustment means are hydraulic cylinders initiated by solenoid valves and provided by an oil reservoir placed on the tractor on the side opposite the cutter strips to counterweight; hydraulic cylinders are currently generally used for agricultural or related equipment, and the implementation of solenoid valves managed by electrical circuits does not exhibit any major difficulty, however, it is beneficial and advantageous to have thought to have the tank of oil as a counterweight to the cutter bars, which makes it feasible to use the hedge trimmer according to the device on a tractor of limited size as is found in the maintenance of gardens.

Beckside Machinery has many innovative compact tractor hedge cutters for sale from reputable brands such as Wessex Machinery and Farm Master.

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