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What compact tractor to buy?

Small farmers are on the lookout for the best compact tractor to make their jobs easier. However, there are a plethora of types and brands of compact tractor out there to choose from. So, how do you narrow down the best compact tractors for sale in the UK?

Our guide has all the information you need if you are wondering the same thing. Read on to discover the best compact tractors in the market.

Different types of compact tractors

Before we discuss the best compact tractors in the market, you should know that there are four categories of compact tractors. Here are some of the specifications of different types of compact tractors that differentiate them and will guide you to pick the best one for yourself:

  • Sub-compact tractors: If you have land requirements of 1 to 3 acres, sub-compact tractors are the best for you. These tractors feature a 1000 kg lifting capacity and come with 20-25 HP. They may weigh between 1400 and 1600 pounds.

  • Small-frame compact tractors: These tractors are the best for 2 to 5 acres of land. The horsepower of these tractors may range from 24 to 30 HP. These small tractors may have a lifting capacity of over 1,200-pound and weigh above 1600 pounds.

  • Mid-size compact tractors: Mid-size compact tractors are ideal for 5 to 15 acres of land. These compact tractors offer 25 to 40 HP horsepower with a lifting range of 1,600-2,200 pounds.

  • Full-size compact tractors: A full-size compact tractor works best for 15-plus acres of land. These compact tractors come with a horsepower of 40-60 HP. These tractors also render a maximum lifting capacity of over 3000 pounds.

Best Branson and Kioti compact tractor models to buy in 2022

Branson Tractors and Kioti UK are some of the excellent names in the market when it comes to manufacturing high-quality compact tractors. These brands outshine their rival brands regarding competitive features like engine power, strength, performance and rugged dependability. Both the brands have been running successfully in the market for over years now without compromising on their versatility and high performance. In competing with John Deere compact tractors, both brands offer a tough competition.

If you are looking for muscle, there is no doubt that you need to pick one of the latest and innovative models from the Branson and Kioti brand. Take a look at some of the best compact tractors from Kioti and Branson UK you can buy:

Kioti DK20 Series:

As an agricultural enthusiast, you would not want your crops or your tractor to get damaged while working on rough terrain. Of course, you must be scooting around for some machinery to ease your task and make it efficient. Keeping your ease and convenience in mind, Kioti brings its DK 20 series.

The series features one of the most versatile tractors that render advantageous features including ground clearance. Some of the top features of these series may include PTO 540 RPM / 540 ECO with an additional option of 100 RPM, a lifting capacity of a minimum of 1360 kg.

Other standard features of the tractors include ergonomic panoramic cab view, air conditioning, heater, powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine and suspended seats to give you all the comfort that you need. It also features a hydrostatic power steering system that you adjust just with a push of a lever. Additionally, the series is available in both wide and narrow versions.

Kioti RX30 series have their own league regarding unique features they render. The tractors come packed with an excellent set of features such as a deluxe air-conditioned and comfortable cabin where you can get the maximum amount of comfort and visibility while operating the tractor. The series operates on power shuttle transmission that further reduces user fatigue. All these feature smoke working in the cabin safe and extremely comfortable for the operators.

The machinery also has an enormous lifting capacity from the rear 3-point linkage. They render the heaviest lifting capacity in this series. Moreover, the series brings powerful engines that consume lower fuels, are environmentally friendly and run smoothly without contributing to noise pollution. Other standard features of these compact tractors include joystick control and independent PTO that comes with auto and manual selection.

Overall, these machines perform maximum work without considerable effort and save your time.

Branson F series:

Branson is another top-rated brand from the UK which brings its latest F-Series with an eclectic variety of functional features. The series offers a useful level of horsepower of 25 HP to accomplish all your tasks. It also provides intuitive user-friendliness and all wheel drive convenience that makes it an extremely comfortable experience for the operators.

Most of the compact tractor models run on manual synchro shuttle shift. The machinery also brings an unrivaled rear hitch lifting capacity of 1500 kg to provide you all the lifting power that you need.

It also brings 1 PTO auxiliary double-acting hydraulic service. Some of the standard features that F series exhibits in its latest models include telescoping and adjustable hitch stabilizers.

Overall, Branson's exclusive F series is excellent and extremely functional machinery.


Branson and Kioti compact tractors rank among one of the reputable and leading brands of compact tractors in the UK. They are a popular choice among landowners, farming enthusiasts and agricultural professionals as they bring a host of features at an affordable cost.

These tractors compete favourably with John Deer, Massey Ferguson and Kubota.. Integrating flexibility and versatility, these leading tractors satisfy all your basic and professional requirements without compromising on performance, power, strength and reliability.

Tractor Implements

We always say that a tractor is only as good as its compact tractor attachments. There are a wide range of compact tractor attachments available in the UK, including:

  • Flail Mowers

  • Rotavators

  • Power Harrows

  • Finishing Mowers

  • Hedge Cutters

  • Log Splitters

  • Power Sweepers

  • Backhoe Diggers

  • And so on...

Second-hand or used compact tractors for sale can also be considered if you are on a budget but want quality machines. It is important that you visit a reputable UK tractor dealer who takes the time to refurbish and service any used tractor in their workshop by their qualified engineers.

Beckside Machinery is one tractor trader who fits the bill in all of the above, offering new and used tractors and a plethora of tractor implements. Among the brands Beckaide Machinery sells are Kioti and Branson tractors and Polaris Off-Road Vehicles, which manufacture UTVs and quad bikes.

You can find more information on their website or by calling 01673 828 965.

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