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Beckside Machinery Presents: The Polaris Ranger Diesel Deluxe – Unmatched Durability and Performance


Introduction: Experience the pinnacle of utility and efficiency with the Polaris Ranger Diesel Deluxe, proudly offered by Beckside Machinery, your official Polaris dealer. This model isn't just a vehicle; it's a testament to power and precision, designed to elevate your work and adventure to unprecedented levels.


Price and Contact Information:

  • Recommended Retail Price: Starting at £19,499 (Excluding VAT)
  • For the best price and personalized service on the Polaris Ranger for sale, contact Beckside Machinery directly at 01673 828 965.


Diesel Standard Features:

  • 24 HP Kubota Engine: Power through tasks and trails with the robust performance of the Kubota engine, a core feature of the Polaris Ranger UTV.
  • Industry-Best Donaldson Air Filter: Ensure your Polaris UTV enjoys a long life with superior engine protection.
  • Sealed Bearings and Bushings: The Polaris Ranger benefits from reduced maintenance and enhanced durability.
  • Heavy-Duty Steering Rack: Precision and reliability define the steering experience in the Polaris Ranger Diesel Deluxe.
  • 2-Piece Sealed CV Drive Shaft: Durability is a given with a drive shaft designed for the toughest conditions.
  • Mud Guards: Essential for keeping your Polaris Ranger cleaner and protected.
  • Easy-Access Radiator Panel: Maintenance is a breeze, ensuring more time on the move.
  • Tough, One-Piece Chassis: The backbone of the Polaris Ranger UTV is its unparalleled durability.
  • New Seats: Comfort meets design in the latest seating, enhancing every journey.


Deluxe Trim Features:

  • Super Graphite Color: Make a statement with this exclusive color, only on the Polaris Ranger Diesel Deluxe.
  • LED Headlights: Bright and efficient, these headlights are a beacon of quality.
  • 14" Aluminum Wheels: Style meets substance with these premium wheels.
  • Premium Steering Wheel: Every touch is a reminder of the luxury within the Polaris Ranger.
  • 8-Vent Heater Kit: Comfort in any condition is a hallmark of this Polaris UTV.
  • Dual Bin Under Seat Dry Storage Box: Space and security are at your fingertips.
  • Noise Reduction System: Peace and quiet accompany every ride in the Polaris Ranger Diesel Deluxe.



  • Haul 435 kg: The Polaris Ranger for sale UK isn't just about looks; it's about capability.
  • Up to 33 cm Clearance: Overcome any challenge with superior clearance, a standout feature of the Polaris Ranger UTV.


Great for Work: The Polaris Ranger Diesel Deluxe is your ultimate partner, ready to tackle any job. Whether it's for farming, landscaping, or rigorous tasks, this Polaris Ranger for sale is equipped to outperform and outlast, making every job more manageable and every adventure more enjoyable.


Visit Beckside Machinery Today! Seize the opportunity to own the Polaris Ranger Diesel Deluxe, a symbol of strength and reliability. Beckside Machinery is your destination for the Polaris Ranger for sale UK, offering expert advice, exceptional service, and the best prices. Your journey to greater productivity and adventure begins with the Polaris Ranger Diesel Deluxe.

Polaris Ranger DIesel Deluxe


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