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  • Hopper capacity 270 litres
  • (granular, fertiliser) 345 kilos
  • Height 1.43m
  • Weight 84kg
  • Spread width Up to 14m


It can handle grass, lawns, and driveways with its 270-liter capacity. This ground-driven ATV spreader is fitted with a non-corrosive poly hopper, making it ideal for use behind ATVs and road vehicles. FS trailed spreaders have adjustable frames to fit a variety of hitch heights. The fertiliser or salt is also released via a flow-gate. With the optional winter kit, free-flowing granular salt can be spread more accurately since the hopper has an agitator. This product can be used as a:

  • ATV fertilizer spreader
  • ATV seed spreader
  • ATV muck spreader
  • ATV sand spreader
  • ATV manure spreader


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  • Features & Benefits

    • SPREAD LIMITER – typically in winter maintenance applications for spreading salt on pathways, the spread limiter restricts the application width to approximately 1.5m.
    • EXTENDED AGITATOR – Keeps material moving within the hopper
    • FILTERING GRID – Breaks up lumps of salt before entering the hopper
  • Check Wessex Product Stock Before Ordering

    Before placing your order for the Wessex product, we strongly advise you to confirm its availability. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 01673 828 965. Our team is available to assist you with real-time stock information to ensure a seamless shopping experience. Thank you for choosing to shop with us.

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