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Branson & Kioti Small Tractors and Implements

The following two models are worth considering when comparing small tractors for sale. This is based on their quality, price, and performance. Our first tractor will be from Kioti Tractors' CS range. Next, we'll look at a small tractor from the Branson Tractors 05 range.

Kioti's CS range is also sold as a subcompact tractor. They have an ergonomic design that allows you to work comfortably. A 22 horsepower small tractor is Kioti's entry model, the CS2220. This tractor has two speeds, Hi and Lo. Using its hydrostatic transmission, it is possible to switch between a wide range of speeds so that different tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently. There is a rear PTO and a mid PTO that can be used together or separately using a single lever. Using the lever on a mid-mount tractor mower, you can easily adjust the cutting height. The tractor is available for sale at a price of £9995 plus VAT, or £11995 plus VAT when fitted with a mid-deck mower.

Another new tractor worth considering in this price range is the Branson 1905H, which retails for £8995 plus VAT. It is a tractor built for reliability. Subcompact tractors in the 05 series are powerful enough for most tasks around the house or land. The tractor has a top-notch diesel engine and is capable of 19 horsepower. With the two-speed hydrostatic transmission, the 1905 is operated by a push-pull steering cylinder, which eliminates the need for a drag link. The steering cylinder receives 2.11 GPM so that you can control the steering at your fingertips. With only 86.6" of height at the top of the roll bar and 8.3" of ground clearance on the Branson Tractor 05 series, it's easy to maneuver in tight spaces. For £10995 plus VAT, this tractor can be purchased with a mid-deck tractor mower.

Both tractors can run a variety of tractor implements. Among the compact tractor attachments for sale are:

  • Goliath's 18-ton tractor log splitter. Strong and durable, this piece of equipment is constructed with power and durability in mind. The log splitter has an 18-ton splitting force and can split logs up to 490mm long and 400mm wide.

  • The FarmMaster 120 is a finishing mower. It's ideal for smallholding maintenance. Featuring a cutting width of 4 feet and an adjustable cutting height, this model offers a highly professional cut. The cast iron gear box makes this finishing mower for sale sturdy and reliable.

  • Compact tractor backhoe LandLugger BH10. If you need to dig anything, this excellent backhoe digger features a bucket with a similar shape to excavators that cost £35000. This digging machine is made from quality Italian components and comes with hydraulic stabilizer legs and an adjustable seat for an optimal operating experience.

The aforementioned Kioti and Branson tractors can be fitted with a wide range of small tractor implements. Examples can be found above. Call Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965 for more information about Branson or Kioti tractors, compact tractor attachments, or to discuss a bespoke package that is right for you.

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