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How much can a compact tractor lift?

In our last blogs, we looked at "what's a compact tractor?", "what size of tractor do I need?" and "how much does a tractor weigh?". Now, let's consider. "how much a compact tractor can lift?"

There is a wide range of lift capacities for compact tractors depending on their horsepower, brand, and model. For 1-3 acres, a subcompact tractor with 20-25 horsepower is recommended, and the loader lift is usually under 1000 pounds. For 2-5 acres, a small frame compact with a lift capacity of 1000lbs and 24-30 horsepower is ideal. Finally, for 5-15 acres, mid-sized compacts with a lift capacity of 1600-2200 pounds are often suitable. With four models ranging from 24-50 horsepower, the Kioti CK series fits the bill. This decent compact tractor has a high lift capacity, so let's look at it.


A tough tractor is required for tough jobs.

The Kioti CK Series is the perfect partner for you. These high-performance compact tractors offer impressive power and smooth handling in one dependable workhorse. They come in 4-sizes of 25.5, 35, 40 and 50 horsepower. All of these compact tractors for sale have a lift capacity at the lift point of 1030kgs.

Rear window hot wires and window wipers

The front and rear (optional) window wipers and hot-wire ensure clear visibility by keeping the windows clean from rain, dust, and condensation. The wipers are positioned to minimise their impact on the operator's view.

Panoramic Cab View

Wider sight lines are provided by the large unobstructed windows.

Independent PTO Switch & Auto PTO

Turning a knob engages the rear independent PTO. In the event that the PTO switch is left on, a safety interlock prevents the engine from starting. Automatic or manual PTO options are available on all models. By engaging the Auto PTO, the PTO will automatically shut off when the 3-point control is raised, eliminating exposure to the running implements linked to the 3 point hitch.

Single Lever Joystick (Std. HST & Cab)

The single lever joystick makes operating the front loader easier and more efficient. When the lever is released, it returns to neutral. The bucket can float over the ground when it is in a float position. These models have an excellent hydraulic system.

Stationary PTO Stationary

Various implements can be used with the PTO feature.

Optional equipment includes a mid-PTO to support a mid-mount mower. These models can also be fitted with a Kioti KL4010 tractor loader. This front loader has a breakout force of 1,162kg at the pivot pins so it can carry plenty of weight.

Kioti RX tractors

The Kioti RX series can give you an idea of horsepower and lift capacity if you're looking for a large tractor. Premium RX tractor models have deluxe air-conditioned cabins and a large lift capacity from the rear 3-point linkage. There is a remarkable amount of visibility and maximum comfort for the operator. It is quiet and economical to run powerful engines. With the RX tractors, you can accomplish the most work with the least effort. These superb machines have a maximum lift capacity at the lift point of 1,717kgs, way above the popular 2,756 pounds and close to the 4,194 pounds capacity of some much larger machines. The Kioti RX tractor can be fitted with a Kioti KL55 loader with a maximum lift height of 107.7 inches.

John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Kubota, such as the Kubota L2501, and Branson Tractors are other brands of compact tractors. Most of these models have hydrostatic transmission, power steering, and a state-of-the-art diesel engine.

We hope this gives you some idea of the lift capacity of compact tractors for sale in the UK. For more information, please get in touch with Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965.

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