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What's the best compact tractor?

We've previously covered, "What is a compact tractor?" Now it's time to consider, "What is the best compact tractor?" It all depends on the size of your property and what you want to do with it. Compact tractors weigh 4,000 pounds or less, have a three-point hitch, and have 40 to 60 horsepower, according to the American Society of Agricultural Engineers.

It is common for compact tractors on the market to be able to lift over 2,500 pounds with the loader, so they are suitable for handling hay equipment as well. It is common to refer to any tractor between 18-60 HP as a compact tractor here in the UK. To be more precise, small tractors of 20 horsepower or less can be referred to as subcompact tractors.

As a compact utility tractor, but with the nimble handling of a 4-wheel drive utility vehicle and the feel of a garden tractor, a sub-compact tractor combines the power and versatility of a compact utility tractor. In terms of horsepower, sub-compact tractors fall below 20. By customising these powerful machines with a wide range of compact tractor attachments, you can build the perfect machine for your smallholding or farm. To find the high-quality best compact tractor for your requirements, it is a good idea to first ask yourself what size tractor do I need. Subcompact tractors should meet your needs unless your property is larger than 5 acres.

Can you recommend a good brand of subcompact tractors?

Kioti, Branson, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Iseki, and Kubota, such as the Kubota L2501, and several other reputable tractor brand manufacturers are available on the market. Both new and used tractors can be found at good prices. Let's say you want to buy a new tractor. Our recommendation would be Branson Tractors, given their style, specifications, and durability to match and beat any of the usual competitors. Take a look at what Branson Tractors have to offer in the sub-compact category...

When compared to a used Kubota with similar specifications, a new Branson 1905H costs only £7995 plus VAT. The 1905H tractor is the perfect choice for small acreage farms, estates, and smallholdings thanks to its power steering, four-wheel drive, and 19HP diesel engine. There is no doubt that Branson Tractors are built to last. The machines are versatile, easy to maintain, and come with Hydrostatic Steering with variable range speed, allowing fingertip steering control. We also offer some excellent package deals on Branson Tractors. You can purchase a 1905H kitted out with a front-end loader and backhoe diggers for £15495 plus VAT, for example.

Of course, this brings us to attachments, which attach to the PTO shaft and the 3-point hitch. If you buy implements that are not compatible with the horsepower output of your tractor, they will be of little use to you.

Sub compact tractors can be used with what kinds of tractor implements?

There is no end to the list in reality. When purchasing compact tractor attachments for sale, make sure that they are compatible with your machine's lower horsepower range if it has less than 20 horsepower. For your convenience, we have compiled a shortlist of 5 popular compact tractor implements that are compatible with tractors under 20 horsepower...

Flail Mower

Various types of flail mowers are available, such as heavy-duty flails, hedge flails, flail collectors, etc. Start by checking out FarmMaster's FL Flail Mowers. Several reputable trade dealers are offering FarmMaster products in their catalogues, and as a result, they are rapidly becoming the go-to brand for tractor attachments. FarmMaster is a solid, well-engineered piece of machinery that is becoming more and more widely available. Flails and hammers are available in FarmMaster's FL range. FL models range in width from 0.95 to 1.35 metres, and all models are compatible with subcompact tractors powered by 20 horsepower. The FL95 only requires 12hp if you have a smaller tractor.


You will need a tractor rotavator if you want to churn up the soil before you plant. Rotavators from FarmMaster RT come in three sizes, ranging from 1.15 to 1.35 metres wide. There is a minimum horsepower requirement of 12hp for the RT115 and RT125, and a minimum horsepower requirement of 20hp for the RT135.

Power Harrow

For seeding and planting, FarmMaster offers three PH model power harrows, which break up soil finely and distribute it evenly. PH90 tractor harrows are available in three different widths, 0.9-1.35 metres, but only the PH90 is suitable for a sub-compact tractor, and it requires at least 20 horsepower for proper operation.

Hedge Cutter

With a tractor-mounted hedge cutter, trimming hedges has never been easier. Tractor hedge trimmers require a top-end sub compact with 20 horsepower in order to work.

With its 1.6-metre cutting head and 4.6-metre reach advantage, the FarmMaster FC1600 compact tractor hedge cutter for sale is an excellent choice.

Assuming you manage ten acres and work moderately

In order to mow 10 acres and handle moderate jobs, a compact tractor with 30-60 horsepower is a good choice (Read more about compact tractors here). Cat-0 and Cat-1 hitches are available for compact tractors. In this size, a 4x4 is standard, as is a three-cylinder diesel engine. The best fit for this requirement are the Branson F Series, the Branson 25 Series, the Kioti CK Series, and the Kioti DK Series. If you add more horsepower and torque to your compact tractor engine, you can drive bigger and heavier attachments, such as flail mowers from FARMMASTER-PRO. However, it is important to note that these machines are still not suitable for large crop operations. As long as your weight limit allows, you can move earth and other materials, handle bigger landscaping jobs, level your driveway, and perform many other tasks like hay management due to their bigger lifting capacity In addition, compact tractors can cover a lot more ground during mowing because of their bigger deck sizes; some are even designed to handle rougher cutting with pull-behind equipment, such as compact tractor rotavators. They can lift a large amount of weight despite their relatively small size, but their small stature also makes them easier to handle. These machines are capable of handling interior jobs, such as delivering hay to stalls, due to this feature. There are several key specs that will determine how quickly you can accomplish a job, what type of job you can do, and how much you can handle at once, including horsepower, loader raise capacity, and more. Tractors above 30 HP usually come with quick attach systems so that different implements can be easily attached, such as a plough, loading bucket, or pallet forks.

For 20 acres, the tractor must be heavy-duty.

You need a utility tractor if you want to pull, lift, and push your way through heavy-duty tasks. In terms of power, Kioti DK, Branson 25 and Branson K series midsized tractors offer 50 horsepower or more. Their larger size, along with their capacity to handle weight and horsepower, makes them capable of handling larger acreages and more demanding tasks than small compact tractors. It also provides better stability when dealing with heavier tasks. More power can also reduce the amount of time you spend doing many activities. Generally, you can use this device for mowing tall grass, handling all-season crop work, and handling livestock work, among other things. Here you can view a wide variety of tractors for sale.

There are various extras that can make a tractor a real pleasure to drive. For example, in addition to a rear PTO, some tractors have a mid-PTO where you can easily attach a mid-deck mower. Additional extras include air conditioning, cruise control and a turbocharged diesel engine.

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