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tractor hedge fixed on a compact tractor

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

A tractor hedge cutter to be fixed sideways on a tractor whose power is used to operate the cutting blade, the cutting being brought out as the compact tractor drives along the hedge, characterized in that it contains a second cutting blade, the two blades being designed, one vertically and the other horizontally, an angle of 90° to one another and both movable in height along a vertical column, this vertical mast being joined at its base and provided with an automatic direction device of the articulation to control the verticality of the vertical pole as the compact tractors advance.

2) The compact tractor hedge cutter, according to part 1, characterized in that the height modification of a blade along the vertical mast is self-governing of the adjustment of the other cutting edge.

3) The tractor-mounted hedge cutter according to any one of parts 1 or 2, characterized in that it is equipped with an automatic guidance device by the laser beam to automatically supervise at least the height change of the horizontal blade as the tractor drives.

4) The hedge cutter attachment for tractor according to any one of the previous titles, characterized in that the cutting aspect, that is to say the slant of the teeth, of each blade is movable to adapt to the diversity of shrubs which compose the hedge.

5) Hedge trimmer according to each one of the preceding claims, described in that the horizontally directed cutting blade is equipped with a device which allows it's folding aback in a storage position.

6) The small tractor mounted hedge trimmer according to either one of the preceding claims, described in that the different alignment means are hydraulic cylinders initiated by solenoid valves and furnished by an oil tank arranged, on the compact tractors for sale, on the opposing side to the cutter bars to compensate.

7) The tractor hedge cutter according to any one of the other requirements, the drive of the cutting blades of which is equipped with a manually controlled clutch device, characterized in that it involves a safety device which prevents the primary start-up of the tractor motor when the cutting blade drive is in the engaged condition.

8) These compact tractor attachments for sale according to the above requirement, characterized in that it moreover incorporates a safety device on the driver's chair of the tractor adapted in such a way that the drive of the cutting knives is automatically disengaged when the driver is not in his place.

9) These compact tractor implements according to any one of the preceding requirements, identified in that it contains a single lateral adjustment device for correcting the offset of the two blades laterally concerning the forward movement of the tractor.

Beckside Machinery has many innovative compact tractor hedge cutters for sale from reputable brands such as Wessex Machinery and Farm Master.

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