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Compact Tractor Attachments for Grass Care


Farmmaster SWP120 Power Sweeper/ Road Sweeper


The Farmmaster SWP120 is a superb compact tractor attachment it can be used to sweep up sand dust, grit small pebbles and a light covering of snow. The road sweeper is driven by the tractor PTO. The hard-wearing nylon brushes ensure that the sweeper has a long life. It is easy to assemble for novices and it has the CE certificate. If you are looking for a nice piece of machinery that is cost effective and efficient then it is ideal.

Model SWP 120: Efficiency: (M2/h: 6600), Power required<45Hp, Weight 200Kg, 3-point linkage.


Verge Flail


Verge flails are versatile attachments for large gardens, fields, smallholdings with grass or scrub flat or verges. Because they come in several different sizes, we have everything that the job demands. The inherent design means that it will quickly go through any stubborn scrub, grass or bramble with ease the rotating drum has hundreds of teeth attached, so it literally slices its way through growth with ease. The verge flail is a requisite for anyone who is keen to maintain their garden.


Folding Aerator AR16


The aerator comes in several different widths according to your needs. The benefits of aeration to your field include maximum aerator of the field allows it to fully benefit from fertilizer. It eliminates slurry run off because it helps to soak into the land, which of course helps with drainage. Soil which is well aerated warms up faster and it recovers from grass cutting.


Features include: Weight carrying rack, heavy duty frame, hardened boron blades, three-point linkage, hydraulic folding mechanism and lock down wing adjustment mechanism.




All finishing mowers produce an even cut because of 4 self-aligning wheels. Mulching kit is optional on all sizes. They have a floating top link and adjustable cutting height for undulating terrain. There is also an option for pneumatic wheels.

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