With the drive transmitted to the rotor via twin drive belts, the Wessex Dung Beetle MTX-120-P is a trailed PTO driven paddock cleaner. It's a highly versatile compact tractor attachment for horse owners, zoos, equestrian centres, riding schools, alpaca farms, and many more. A versatile paddock cleaner for private horse owners, zoos, equestrian centres, riding schools, alpaca farms & much more. In our opinion, the Wessex Dung Beetle is a very easy to use compact tractor attachment for sale, yet one that is very effective.


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  • Working width 1.2m
  • Overall width 1.85m
  • Hopper capacity 0.7m³ (approx)
  • Weight 317kg


The Paddock Cleaner is a versatile product used by horse owners, zoos, equestrian centres, riding schools, alpaca farms, & much more. There is no doubt that the Wessex Dung Beetle is an effective tractor implement that is easy to use. Maintaining the paddocks with regular sweepings with the Dung Beetle will ensure that the paddock is free of horse droppings, dead grass and twigs, ensuring a clean, healthy environment for the horses. Additionally, the grooming action of the bristles is one of the best ways to encourage fresh, new grass growth, something that cannot be achieved with a vacuum-type machine. Exceptional ground contour tracking - The Dung Beetle runs on its own four wheels, which means that it is not relying on the towing vehicle's drawbar at any time, maintaining maximum stability at all times. The front wheels are directly in line with the brush rotor to allow the ground contours to be followed accurately. They are adjustable for altering the height of the brush, by means of a simple screw handle on each side. Throughout the width of the machine are markers for ensuring that the brush is set to the same height. Muck tines - The adjustable spring tines rake through the grass & loosen any stubborn muck to aid the brushes with collection. Easy hopper emptying - When full, the hopper is rolled over with the aid of the winch, to give a clean discharge into a neat heap on the ground. The hopper is finely balanced on the pivot points to ensure an easy roll-over, and a spring-loaded pin secures the hopper in position when in operation. Powerful sweeping - The rotor comprises four banks of hard-wearing polypropolene bristles fastened into a hardwood strip. The generous length of the bristles gives a good 'flick' action, ensuring that any debris is propelled effortlessly into the hopper. The brush strips are simply bolted in pairs through the steel box section rotor and are quick & easy to change when worn.