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Beckside Machinery: The Ultimate Destination for Tractor Implements and Tractor Hole Borers

Tractor Hole Borer

Tractor Post Hole Borers: The Key to Efficient Drilling

Among our vast range of offerings, the FarmMaster's Posthole Digger Tractor Attachment stands out due to its remarkable functionality and efficiency. This tractor-mounted post hole borer, available for sale, is undoubtedly considered the highest quality product in the UK at these prices. The attachment comes with a heavy-duty gearbox and running gear, as well as solid plate spiral augers, making it an ideal choice for smallholders and professionals alike.

A tractor-mounted post hole borer is a tool designed to dig narrow holes for the installation of posts, such as fences and signs. This tractor-mounted post hole borer has a heavy-duty gearbox and running gear, plus solid plate spiral augers. Every smallholder requires a compact tractor post hole borer at some point. If you have a compact tractor with a PTO, this post hole digger tractor attachment is ideal for your three-point-hitch.

FarmMaster 4" Tractor Mounted Post Hole Borer

The FarmMaster 4" Tractor Mounted Post Hole Borer is perfect for smaller projects and can dig holes with a maximum diameter of 100mm. It requires a power range between 15-30HP, making it suitable for use with compact tractors.

FarmMaster 6" Tractor Mounted Post Hole Borer

For those who require larger holes, the FarmMaster 6" Tractor Mounted Post Hole Borer is the ideal choice. Like its 4" counterpart, this model can dig holes with a maximum diameter of 100mm and operates within the same power range of 15-30HP.

FarmMaster 9" Tractor Mounted Post Hole Borer

If you need to dig even bigger holes, we recommend the FarmMaster 9" Tractor Mounted Post Hole Borer. This powerful attachment can create holes with a maximum diameter of 100mm, making it perfect for larger scale projects. As with the other models, it requires a power range of 15-30HP.

A Wide Range of Compact Tractor Attachments

In addition to our post hole borers, Beckside Machinery also offers a variety of other compact tractor attachments. These include flail mowers, which are perfect for dealing with heavier grass and scrub; rotovators, ideal for preparing the soil in your garden or fields; and finishing mowers, which give a fine finish on lawns and sports fields.

We also provide a stone burier that is excellent for burying stones and debris, hedge cutters for maintaining hedges and trees, and a tractor log splitter that makes splitting logs for firewood easy and efficient.

Furthermore, our power harrow is perfect for breaking up and refining soil, while the PTO wood chipper can help you deal with garden waste.

With Beckside Machinery, you'll find all the compact tractor attachments you need to make your work easier and more efficient.


Whether you're a farmer, a construction company, a landscaper, or a smallholder, Beckside Machinery has the perfect solution for your needs. Our robust and efficient tractor attachments, combined with our wide range of high-quality tractors, make us your go-to source for all your agricultural equipment needs. Visit our tractor hole borer page for more information or to purchase a tractor post hole borer.

Beckside Machinery is a leading provider of agricultural equipment in the UK, offering one of the country's most comprehensive selections of tractor implements. Our range includes new compact tractors from renowned brands like Kioti and Branson, as well as used compact tractors from reputable brands like Kubota, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, and more. Visit our website at to browse our selection, or call our experts on 01673 828 965 for more information.

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