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8 Compact Tractor Hacks

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

At Beckside machinery, we love how innovative and creative compact tractor hacks are becoming, and with the presence of social media, more and more people are now sharing their ideas and tricks of the small tractor trade online.

In most cases these hacks have been designed to streamline processes and tasks; however, we must stress that safety is still, and must be, of paramount importance.

8 Compact Tractor Hacks

1. Keep on top of maintenance.

Maintenance of your subcompact tractor should take place regularly. Checking for wear and tear, greasing and lubricating parts when necessary, changing oil filters when advised by the manufacturer’s guidelines, as we as checking fluids, etc, all help to keep your machine running smoothly.

Equipment like these can last a lifetime if maintained well.

2. Don’t use cheap and poor-quality fuel and fluids!

Cheap fuel is not only of poor quality, but it also comes with a high moisture content, which can result in algae building up in systems and tanks, which will eventually lead to blocked fuel tanks and a whole host of further damage and costly repairs for you.

Make sure to use the recommended fuel and fluids and don’t forget to check your front wheel axle fluid when you carry out your oil changes! This is the part of a small tractor that most people forget about, yet as it bears the most weight it’s an important one to keep on top of!

Also, look to add some tractor tyre fluid/antifreeze to help provide more weight and keep your tyres firmly on the ground, especially necessary if you’re lifting, digging or working on uneven terrain.

3. Keep your radiators clean!

Depending on the task you’re carrying, dirt and debris, as well as other materials, can find their way into radiators. Causing blockages, overheating, etc, it’s important to keep radiators as free from grime as possible as replacing radiator equipment can be costly.

Some compact tractor owners have made their own pre-screen clip to avoid things being able to get in, in the first place, as well as also using air compressors and leaf blowers to free any dirt or debris from certain areas.

There’s also the option of cutting a paint brush to within a few centimetres, where the bristles are stiff enough, and it is small enough to stay in the cab with you. Helping you to quickly brush away any chaff from the grill and radiator as you go.

4. Work within the limits

Compact tractors for all very capable of carrying out even the toughest of jobs, still have limits. These will all be outlined in the manufacturer's guide and handbook that comes with all compact tractors for sale.

Most repairs that we see at Beckside Machinery is due to users testing and quite often pushing the limits of the machine trying to take on more than what is recommended.

5. Quality parts only.

This isn’t to say that you only have to use branded parts and the most expensive in the market, but there is a fine line, and quality over cost is essential. When shopping for parts, it’s important to recognise that some are good, and well, some aren’t. Do your research.

Saving now could cost you a lot more in the long run.

6. Tractor handles

This might seem like a strange hack but one which is growing in popularity. Developing and using longer tractor handles. Clamping homemade handles over the small latches give you more leverage when getting into the cab.

7. Marking your territory.

No not in that sense! But, when it comes to finding and seeing the polarity markings on a tractor battery, it can be hard, not just because of poor lighting but often because these symbols can be embossed black on black!

So, every time you replace your battery, mark in red the positive post. This way you can avoid any costly repairs!

8. Shovel running along snowblowers.

For all small tractors are known to fit into even the tightest of spaces, there are still places that they just can’t quite get to. Space inside the cabs can also be quite limited, and fastening a scoop shovel to the tractor can be problematic, unless…

…you use a self-clamping shovel holster that can mount next to the ladder. Used with a self-locking slide loop, you can keep the shovel safe and secure in place until it’s next needed.

There are some great tractor hacks out there, depending on what you’re looking for, and of course, if you have any hacks which you have found to be useful and you’d like to share, please make sure to comment below.

At Beckside Machinery we’re specialists when it comes to compact tractors for sale and used compact tractors for sale, as well as providing attachments and accessories too.

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