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Everything You Need to Know About Smallholdings and Compact Tractors


Smallholdings are a great option for those looking to have their own piece of land for farming or keeping animals. Many different sizes of smallholders exist, ranging from under 10 acres to over 100 acres. In this blog, we will explore the five commonest sizes of smallholdings in the UK and the type of compact tractor required for each one, as well as specific jobs that require compact tractor attachments.

Section 1: The Five Most Common Sizes of UK Smallholdings

  1. Under 10 acres - This size is typically used for hobby farming or keeping a few animals such as sheep or chickens.

  2. 10-20 acres - This size can be used for growing crops and raising livestock such as cattle or pigs.

  3. 20-50 acres - These larger smallholdings can be used for more intensive farming operations, such as dairy production or arable farming.

  4. 50-100 acres - Properties of this size are often used for commercial agricultural operations such as large-scale crop production or animal husbandry.

  5. Over 100 acres - These large smallholdings can be used for any type of agricultural activity including forestry and game management.

Section 2: Type of Compact Tractor Required For Each Size Of Smallholding And Attachments Required For Specific Jobs

1 Under 10 Acres –

18-30 horsepower small tractors are ideal for smallholdings up to 10 acres. These tractors are perfect for hobby farming or keeping a few animals, as well as other tasks such as power harrowing, rotovating, finishing mowing, and more. With the right attachments, these tractors can handle many of the tasks needed on a smallholding.

2 10-20 Acres –

For smallholdings with 10-20 acres, a compact tractor of at least 40 horsepower is recommended. This size of tractor can handle intensive farming operations such as dairy production, as well as heavy-duty attachments like backhoe diggers and front loaders.

3 20-50 Acres –

Tractors with more than 60 horsepower are best suited for these properties over 20 acres in size and attachments like log splitters, stone buriers and road sweepers may also be necessary depending on the tasks required by owners .

4 50-100 Acres –

Large scale commercial areas require tractors with higher horsepower and additional attachments that aid in more specific tasks such as harvesting harvests quickly and efficiently.

5 Over 100 Acres –

Any type of agricultural activity can take place here so a variety of vehicles could be necessary along with certain specialized tools and machinery such as planters seeder boxes etc to increase productivity and accuracy when completing jobs.


Smallholdings come in various sizes in the UK ranging from under 10 acres to over 100 acres . Depending on what activities are intended to take place on these properties , different sized tractors along with various attachments may be needed in order to successfully complete specific tasks within a timely manner . We hope you found this blog informative when choosing your ideal property size and equipment required according to each holding's needs.

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