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The Compact Tractor Powerhouse: Kioti Tractor CS 2220

Today, we're going to discuss a compact tractor that's been making waves in the agricultural industry - the Kioti Tractor CS 2220. This versatile machine brings together power, efficiency, and durability in one compact package, making it an ideal choice for small farms, landscaping jobs, and more. Let's delve into the specifics of this remarkable tractor.


The Kioti Tractor CS 2220 is a sleek and robust machine designed to provide superior performance across a variety of terrains and tasks. Built by Kioti, a brand known for its commitment to quality and innovation, this compact tractor for sale embodies the perfect blend of power and precision. Its compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, yet it doesn't compromise on strength or functionality.

Kioti Tractor CS 2220


This tractor comes equipped with a powerful 21.1 HP diesel engine that ensures high-performance operation. The Kioti Tractor CS 2220 boasts a hydrostatic transmission system, providing smooth and easy operation. It also features a 4-wheel drive that offers superior traction in challenging conditions, proving its worth in both wet and dry terrains.

The tractor's dual pedal control for the hydrostatic transmission allows for seamless direction changes, enhancing its operational efficiency. What's more, the Kioti Tractor CS 2220 comes with a mid PTO (Power Take Off) which can be used to power attachments such as mowers or snow blowers, adding to its versatility.

The tractor is also designed with operator comfort in mind. It features a fully adjustable suspension seat and a tilt steering wheel, ensuring a comfortable ride during long hours of work.


The Kioti Tractor CS 2220 is priced at £11,995.00, plus VAT and delivery. Considering the wide array of features and the high performance it offers, this tractor provides excellent value for money.

Compact Tractor Attachments

The Kioti Tractor CS 2220 is not just a stand-alone powerhouse. It's a versatile small tractor that can be fitted with a range of compact tractor attachments, enhancing its functionality and adaptability to various tasks. Here are some of the implements you can pair with this marvelous machine:

Flail Mowers: These are perfect for tackling overgrown areas and creating fine lawn clippings for use as mulch.

Rotovators: Ideal for breaking up and aerating soil, these attachments are essential for anyone looking to plant a new crop or prepare a garden bed.

Finishing Mowers: For those seeking a perfectly manicured lawn or field, finishing mowers provide a clean and even cut.

Stone Burier: This implement efficiently buries stones, debris, and improves soil structure, preparing your land for seeding or turfing.

Hedge Cutter: Maintain your property's boundaries and keep your hedges in perfect shape with this handy attachment.

Tractor Log Splitter: This attachment simplifies the process of splitting logs for firewood, saving you time and effort.

Power Harrow: For larger plots, a power harrow effectively breaks up soil and prepares your land for planting.

PTO Wood Chipper: Turn unwanted tree branches into useful wood chips with this powerful attachment.

Equipping your Kioti Tractor CS 2220 with these attachments will enable you to tackle a wider range of tasks with ease and efficiency. Remember, the right tools make all the difference - and in this case, your Kioti tractor is ready and able to become whatever tool you need.

In conclusion, the Kioti CS 2220 compact tractor for sale UK is a compact but powerful tractor that offers a range of features aimed at delivering high performance and operator comfort. Whether you're a small-scale farmer, a landscaper, or simply a homeowner with a large backyard, this tractor could be the perfect fit for your needs.

For more information about the Kioti Tractor CS 2220, or to explore other machinery and attachments, please visit Beckside Machinery.

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