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FarmMaster Pro HFL Range: The Ultimate Hydraulic Side Shift Flail Mower

As a farmer, having the right equipment is crucial for your success. One of the essential pieces of equipment every farmer needs is a reliable flail mower. The FarmMaster Pro HFL range provides the ultimate hydraulic side shift flail mower solution that is perfect for all your farming needs. In this blog post, we will give you all the information you need to learn more about this impressive machinery.

The FarmMaster Pro HFL range has all the features a modern farmer needs to get the work done efficiently. The flail mower comes with a 2-year warranty and is made with high-quality Italian components, ensuring durability and longevity. It is available in four different models to cater to different farming requirements.

The FarmMaster Pro HFL range is a practical, multipurpose flail mower designed for the professional farmer. The hydraulic side shift and manual side shifts make it easy to reach every corner of your farm while the cast-iron gearbox 540 RPM with free-wheel device ensures smooth operation and reduced maintenance cost. The rotor with blades gives you precise cutting and efficient results, and the adjustable rear roller enables you to operate the mower close to the ground.

The four different models in the range cater to different horsepower capacities and cutting widths. The HFL110 model is perfect for farms with 15-30 horsepower and a cutting width of 106cm, while the HFL190 model caters to farms with 20-50 horsepower and a cutting width of 183cm. Regardless of the model you choose, you can be sure you're getting a quality product with outstanding performance.

If you're looking for compact tractor attachments, the FarmMaster Pro HFL range is a great option. They are compatible with category 1, 3-point hitch and come with a universal PTO shaft category 4. In addition, the side shifts feature varies from 200 mm to 280 mm, ensuring you cover every inch of your farm.

Other compact tractors attachments by FarmMaster

When it comes to enhancing the functionality of your compact tractor, there are several must-have compact tractor attachments that can make your work much easier. Here are a few of them:

  • The FarmMaster Flail Mowers are perfect for tackling overgrown areas and maintaining large fields and pastures.

  • Rotovators are excellent for breaking up and aerating soil, ideal for preparing the ground before planting.

  • If you're after a professional finish for your lawn, Finishing mowers are your best bet. They provide a clean, well-manicured look to your grass.

  • The Stone burier is designed to bury stones and debris, making it great for landscaping or preparing a seedbed.

  • For maintaining hedges and trees, a Hedge cutter attachment is a must-have. It allows you to trim and shape your hedges with precision.

  • The Tractor log splitter makes quick work of splitting logs, saving you time and effort.

  • A Power harrow is used for breaking up soil and evenly distributing it, which is essential for crop growth.

  • The PTO Wood Chipper is ideal for chipping branches and small trees, turning them into valuable mulch or compost.

  • The Tractor Hole Borer is perfect for digging holes for posts or planting trees.

  • Lastly, the Tractor Roller is used for flattening land or compacting soil, making it an essential tool for any landscaper or farmer.

These are just a few of the many compact tractor attachments for sale that can transform your compact tractor into a versatile, multi-purpose machine. Whether you're looking for attachments for a tractor, tractor implements, tractor attachments, or tractor accessories, FarmMaster has got you covered.


As a farmer, you require equipment that makes your work easy, efficient, and productive. The FarmMaster Pro HFL range is the perfect mix of all those and more. Regardless of the model you choose, you're getting a quality product with all the features necessary to cater to your farm's needs. With the hydraulic side shift and manual side shift, you can rest assured that you will quickly get the work done and cover every inch of your farm. If you're looking for a durable, reliable flail mower, then the FarmMaster Pro HFL range is undoubtedly worth your investment. Feel free to get in touch with Beckside Machinery to learn more about this fantastic product.

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