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New Holland Release New Boomer Compact Tractors

New Holland has unveiled their new Stage V-compliant Boomer compact tractor series. These new compact models have more extensive performance features than previously and were designed to enhance driver comfort and the efficiency of the tractor.

Their Product Marketing Manager for Europe commented that the Boomer range is an ideal combination for simplicity of use, effectiveness and comfort in one compact design. These tractors off customers a varied choice of models for a wide variety of uses, especially when fitted with the right compact tractor attachments for the job at hand. Jobs that these tractors work well for, when fitted with the right tractor implements, include farming, landscaping, golf course maintenance. They can certainly be put to good use by smallholders, as can other compact tractors for sale, such as Kubota, Kioti and Branson Tractors.

An extended line of New Holland Models

The Boomer range now includes two brand new Class 3 models, the Boomer 45, confusingly a 47 horsepower compact tractor, and the Boomer 55, which is actually a 57 horsepower tractor for sale. This boosts the Boomer range to offer more power for those who require it, for example, to run a larger sized power harrow, tractor rotovator, stone burier, tractor hedge cutter, backhoe, or flail mower.

A new comfortable cabin design

Class 2 and Class 3 tractors can now be purchased with the high-comfort Boomer Suite, which provides excellent visibility for the driver, with comfortably positioned controls. The updated dashboard includes a new LCD that provides a readout of the vehicle speed on the instrument panel.

On versions with hydrostatic transmission, the new Boomer range has Cruise Control fitted as standard. There's also a new Servo Hydraulic Assist option on the Class 3 Cab versions, which keeps the effort required to use the pedal to a bare minimum.

These tractors for sale are more efficient and productive than previous New Holland models

Ez Speed function is used to adjust the forward hydrostatic pedal and speed of the engine, which improves overall efficiency. For example, if the driver moves the hand throttle to the low position, the engine will speed up as the hydrostatic pedal is depressed. This means that the right ground speed and engine speed are there whenever you need it, which is useful to keep the noise down when the tractor is running but stationary. The driver can also switch this function off and opt to use the hand throttle and hydrostatic pedal for use with tractor implements that require a specific engine speed to maintain a particular PTO speed, such as a tractor log splitter, for example.

With a switch that makes it simple to activate, there's a new Auto PTO setting that turns off the PTO-shaft automatically when the 3-point hitch is lifted. This re-engages when its lowered. It improves the driver's comfort, minimises fatigue and can help speed up jobs where a rear lift needs to be raised and lowered, for example, when transporting a log splitter or flail mower.

We supply a range of quality new and used tractors. Also, check out our second-hand tractors section as we have regularly used New Holland tractors for sale, including models in the Boomer range.

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