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What is the price of a new tractor for sale UK?

For a long time, tractors have been an integral part of the agricultural industry. Through their work, they brought a whole new level of performance to the agricultural industry, transforming it for the better. Today, tractors are also used in commercial and industrial environments, such as construction and landscaping. There are a lot of steps involved in buying new tractors for sale, but it's a task that you won't have to do on a regular basis. With proper maintenance, a tractor has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years, even if it is used every day. It is also possible that the tractor could last for decades if you are not handling it constantly.

Buying a New Tractor

It is possible to choose from hundreds of tractors available for sale; from compact tractors to heavy-duty tractors with more than 300 horsepower. You will also need to choose from a variety of features and options once you have selected the tractor you want. For instance, most of the tractors on the market are four-wheel drive. If you plan to use compact tractor attachments, such as a front loader, you will need to find compact tractors with four wheel drive. Due to their four-wheel drive capabilities, four-wheel drive compact tractors for sale provide better traction. It is only recommended to use two-wheel drive tractors if you will be driving at a road speed.

For example, new 19HP 1905H Branson tractors can be purchased for as little as £8995, and a 74HP K78 Branson Tractor with a loader can be purchased for as much as £37,318. This depends on how much horsepower you need, and if you need additional tractor implements. The 22HP CS2220 is the lowest priced tractor available from Kioti Tractor UK, and the 60HP DK6010 is priced at £24,995.

Cabs are included on some tractors, but others do not. The price of a compact tractor with a cab is higher, but it gives the driver greater comfort and protection from the weather elements such as the sun, wind, rain, and snow. Additionally, tractor cabs tend to have a higher resale value than other tractor models. However, compact tractors are much less likely to have cabs.

Although, some compact tractors for sale do include these features, such as the Kioti tractor DK6010, which starts at a very reasonable £24,000, as well as Branson Tractors, including the 6225C Branson tractor, which starts at a similar £23, 495, and the K78 Branson tractor, starting at £31, 563.

We offer used tractors for sale

For as low as £12,995, you can pick up a secondhand John Deere 3036 compact tractor. There are two compact tractors with front loaders available: a 4400 John Deere compact tractor with a tractor loader for £12,995 and a Kubota compact tractor with a loader for £21,995. During the course of the year, the stock of used compact tractors changes rapidly, so be sure to check out our latest offers on loader tractors for sale to get the best deal.

Attachments for compact tractors are available as well.

We can provide you with any of the attachments you require, whether it's flail mowers, compact tractor backhoe loaders, stone buriers, compact tractor rotovators, compact tractor power sweepers, compact tractor power harrows, a tractor mounted log splitter for sale or a tractor hedge trimmer, depending on what you want to use the compact tractor for. There is no set price for tractor attachments, but a good ball-park figure is usually between £800 and £4500, depending on the tractor implement you require. The cost of these attachments can be lower when you purchase them with a tractor, or they can be added at a later date to fit your job schedule and budget, thus allowing you to make significant savings.

We are happy to hear from you if you want to discuss your needs with us at Beckside Machinery. Our advisors can provide guidance on what size tractor would suit your needs, and what type of tractor attachments you should use in conjunction with the tractor. Our tractor dealers are experienced and have a large stock of new and used tractors to choose from, as well as the ability to prepare a good tractor package deal if you would like to include tractor attachments along with your purchase. Our number is 01673 828965 and if you want to speak to us, please contact us.

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