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Looking for a used John Deere Compact Tractor?

John Deere is a good brand to consider if you're looking for a used compact tractor for sale.

These machines are made with the highest technology standards from iron, steel, rubber, and glass. A passion for quality engineering drives John Deere. Throughout our Compact Utility Tractors. The people who build them are proud to do so.

Designed for the European Market

Without any compromises made. Because of that, every tractor that leaves Augusta for the Old World is from the ground up a European tractor. In addition to metric bolts and nuts, each machine is set up and ready to go with the appropriate safety warnings and emission standards.

Built-in the European style.

The Augusta tractor is factory-fitted with the right technology for its destined region. As a result, whenever you purchase a Series 1, 2, 3 or 4 model in Europe, you can rest assured that it has everything you will need to run smoothly and safely from the very beginning. In Augusta, our experts take care of every detail, taking your mirrors and lights to the next level; we even take good care of your emission standard and safety warnings to make certain you get the best of both worlds: the build quality of the USA, with European specifications.

Since 1990, John Deere Augusta has built Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 Compact Utility Tractors. At present, 27 different models are made at the facility and distributed throughout North America and to more than 40 countries worldwide. The company occupies more than 37,000 square metres and employs approximately 470 people.

Interviews conducted With Employees

David King supervises the production lines for 3 and 4 Series premium compact tractors as a Manufacturing Engineer. The tools, processes, and quality control checks he specifies enable him to add even more quality every day. "Despite higher labour costs, I'm proud that we can build great products here in the USA."

During his 20 years with the company, Steve Sanner has been a Field Test Supervisor. Steve begins testing prototypes three years before launching a new tractor, identifying any flaws or weaknesses very early in the production process. As he smiles, he says, "My colleagues get paid to make them, but I get paid to break them". I will then start digging in together with everyone to find a solution and get it done right the first time."

Satisfied European Customer

In addition, Monsieur Bertaux has used John Deere to establish and maintain a vast range of private gardens from his headquarters in Saint-Denis-de-Palin. Their machinery runs from dawn to dusk and beyond thanks to Monsieur Bransard's expertise. And thanks to Monsieur Bransard, their machines will continue to do so for years to come. As with many John Deere owners, Monsieur Bertaux is grateful for his machines every year. With time, his friendship has evolved into a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. For the customer, that level of commitment embodies the value of John Deere. "You come for the machines", explains Monsieur Bertaux with a smile, "but you stay for the services." 

View the John Deere second-hand compact tractors for sale or used tractors with loaders. Additionally, they can be fitted with a number of compact tractor attachments for sale UK, including:

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